The current HOA assessment is $475 per year and is due no later than January 31, of each year.

  • The absolute last day to pay your dues without penalty, January 31 of any given year.
  • All payments made after January 31, will incur a 10% late fee for every month that it is late, and that must be paid in order to bring your account current.
  • All Accounts not brought current by March 31 of each year will have a lien placed against their property. All lien filing fees will be added to your total balance due.
  • All unpaid liens will have their properties foreclosed on by the NHHOA attorney. All attorney’s fees will be added to your total balance due.

Accepted forms of payment are: Zelle transfer, Check, or Cash.

Any payments received without the property owners; name, address, and invoice number WILL NOT be applied to the property and will be returned.

Make payments to:

North Hampton Homeowners Association, Inc
PO Box 718
White, GA 30184